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Top 20 The Best Free Vector Sites for Free Vector Resources

If you are a graphic designer, you must know the importance of vector graphics. So, you have come to the right place if you are looking for vectors graphics or resources.
Probably, I do not need to go details on the difference between Raster image and a Vector image. However, the vector image can be scalable. If you scale it up as much as you want it would not be pixilated or loss resolution.

For example, you have designed a logo which will be used in the website and printing such as giant banner, rollup banner and many more. So your logo should have designed in vector format so that it can easily be used in multipurpose ways because it will never disappoint you when you go extending more.

Today, I am going to inform you about 20 websites for free vector graphics. So, sit back, keep reading beginning to the end. It must save your time

1. Freepik

Most probably Freepik is the best well-known web portal for free vector resources. It is so familiar to all graphic designers in the world. You will find thousand more vector arts, illustration in PSD, Ai, PNG, JPEG, SVG etc. formats. All assets are not free.

There are also premium resources which you have to buy for use. It also provides a great advantage in selling your designs.

Before using Freepik’s services I would recommend reading their copyright section.

free vector sites, free vector resources

2. Stockio

Stockio is another great website for using free vectors assets. If you are looking for icons, exceptional fonts, videos, images, 100% editable vectors, Stockio is your best option.

You can use their all resources without giving them any attribution. So those who are not interested in giving back credit to the author, Stockio is the best choice for you because you don’t need to worry about any copyright infringement.

So, you can use their services for personal and commercial purposes with no attribution required. For more information, you can visit their terms of use section.

free vector websites, free vector resource for graphic designers

3. Vexels

You must have heard the name of Vexels which is ready-made free design stock. They have a thousand more designs which are completely free for personal and commercial use. Vexels provides many readymade design templates – design elements, t-shirt templates, abreacts, icons, HD wallpapers, textures, vector arts, ribbon and many more.

But if you are using their assets for personal, commercial and editorial purposes, you can use designs as long as you give them credit properly. For merchandising, design templates require a paid license or subscription in all cases.

best free vector sites, free vector resources

4. 123freevectors

This is a large collection of free vector arts, illustration, background designs, and vector images. You can download in many formats – EPS, AI, JPG, PDF, and SVG files so that you can easily modify, resize, crop by your choice.

Not all resources on 123freevectors are free to use but there are also premium vector arts require a premium account to download.

best websites for free vectors, free clipart

5. Freedesignfile

Freedesignfile provides you huge collection of design resources – free design file, vector arts, images, Photoshop Plugins, fonts, etc.

All the vectors arts are free to use for personal works, which helps you to create flyers, invitation card, banners. Most of the resources are not free for personal and commercial purposes but not all of them are used for commercial purposes. If you want to use them, contact them.

top 20 best free vector sites, free vector assets

6. BrandEPS

BrandEPS contains all brand logos and icons which are EPS, JPG, PNG, and SVG format. You can down and use for free. This website can help you to get inspired by their artworks.

BrandEPS is a library of logo and icons which are protected by the copyright and trademark holder. So you need the proper permission to use their contents.

free vector sites, free design resources

7. Vector4free

It’s a large platform of vector graphics which are shared by the bighearted and talented designers in the world. Here you will find a huge collection of graphic artworks in all formats mainly ai, .eps, .pdf, .svg, and .cdr.

According to their term of use, all vector resources are free to use for personal purposes but before use, be sure because every artist has a different term of use.

best free vector sites, free graphic resources

8. provides you more than 150,000 vectors. As we know vector elements are important which are constantly used by designers every day.

This website contains huge amount of vector resources such as abstract vector, animal vector, background, building vectors, banners, business vectors, cartoon vectors, pattern, textures, Silhouette, web elements and many more.

You can use all of the vectors for free in your personal and commercial project but be sure whether authors set license or not before using service.

free vector clipart, free vector images for commercial use

9. Flaticon

This is my favorite website for icons. There are more thousand icons in their collection. Flaticon is a very useful website for providing high quality icons. It can be used for personal and commercial use completely free.

Icons constantly are used by graphic designer every day. Flaticon provides EPS, PSD, SVG, PNG format so that you can easily modify the icons.

free vector design, free vector sites

10. Fudgegraphics

This is another cool blog for designer freebies; Franz Jeitz is a founder of the Fudgegraphics started in 2008. Franz Jeiz is a freelance graphic designer, was born in Luxembourg.

This is a designer inspirational blog provides free graphics resources such as Photoshop brush, textures, vectors, fonts, and more.

free vector graphics, top 20 vector websites

11. is founded with a small community of graphics lovers who share free vector graphics. You can use their resources free for personal purposes. And most of them can be used for commercially.

 free vector clipart, free vector websites

12. 1001freedownloads

Like rest of others, 1001freedownloads contains huge vectors or graphic design elements which mostly can be used for commercially and personal use.

What 1001freedownloads provides is photos, vector, fonts, wallpapers, gradients, pattern, textures, clipart, and so on. But to prevent abuse, you get limited to download more files in a day.

13. Dryicons

Dryicons provides 6700 more icons which are completely free to use personal and commercial use. According to the terms and conditions, you can use their assets free in anywhere on the World Wide Web by giving proper credit.

free vector resources, best free website for vector elements

14. Vectorportal

Well, let me tell you that Vectorportal is voted consequently as the top 10 free vector resources by graphic design sites.

According to the copyright, you can use their assets for the commercial and personal project. You can modify, re-size, remove the watermark. But you are not allowed to sell and redistribute them on any other third party websites.

free vector resources, best places for vectors resources

15. Deviantart

Deviantart is an online artwork, videography and photography community which was launched on 7 April 2000. This is a design inspirational website where talented designers shared their works.

Moreover, here you can find many graphics resources such as Photoshop brush, textures, patterns, and images.

free graphic design resources, best websites for vector assets

16. Spoongraphics

I think this is the best graphic design blog so far. Spoongraphics is founded by Chris Spooner. Through the blog, he shares design freebies, tutorials, branding mockups, and inspirational designs.

It will defiantly be helpful for those who started learning graphic design because there are many video tutorials demonstrated by Chris Spooner.

free vector resources for designer, free vector sites

17. Vecteezy

Vecteezy is the largest vector graphic community in the world. You can find different types of vector resources such as icons, holiday vectors, elements, food vectors, background, people and more.

You don’t need to worry about copyright because all resources on Vecteezy are fully free to use for personal and commercial purpose.

free vector download, websites for free vectors

18. Freevectorarchive

Freevectorarchive is a source of free graphic designs. Here you find may design assets which are mostly useful for graphic designers. But before using their resources I would recommend reading their terms and services.

You can use all assets for personal project excepting redistribution on other third party websites. They provide all files are completely customizable, you can modify, resize with your own choice.

free design resources, free websites for vectors

19. All-silhouettes

Silhouette is an important element and constantly is used by the graphic designer on the design artwork. You can find all different types of Silhouette in All-silhouettes.

If I would not be wrong that All-silhouettes have started working as a contributor under Freepick. So, here I have enclosed their new link so that you can download easily.

free vector illustrator, best free vector sites

20. Vectorstock

Vectorstock provides with two types of the term as free and paid. Presently they have 12000000 more vectors. You need to pay if you want to use paid vectors.

On the other hand, Vectorstock also provides many free vectors which can be used for personal use only.

free vector resources, best websites for free designs


I have tried to inform you top 20 websites for downloading free vectors. Moreover, as much as I can, I have pointed out the terms and services of all 20 websites. I hope from now, you can save your valuable time for finding free vectors resources.

Nothing I want from all of you. Helping you is my aim and my benefit. If my post helps you, please share it on social media. It will encourage me to keep working in the future.
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