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How to create a Blogger Blog – Easy Guide for Beginners

It sounds great! 

You are finally creating a blog on blogger. Have you decided your niche that you are good at and want to focus on? Have you checked your domain name is available or not? If you are not done yet go make ready everything and take your time.

If everything is set up, you have come to the right place because we are seriously creating a blogger blog. I will be guiding you on how to create a blog on blogger step by step with some screenshots.

Here all you have to follow every step as I have mentioned. And remember, creating a blogger blog is very easy.

So let’s get started!

At first, Go to and Sign in with your email ID and Password. I think you already have a Gmail account because it’s a digital world. Well, if you have not created an account yet, you can create a Gmail account.

Once you Sign In to your Blogger Account you will be redirected to a page as same as you see below

how to create a blogger blog, blogging for beginners
Fist Step For Creating a Blog

Now, no need to take time for thinking too much. Just click on “Create New Blog” because we are going to create a Blog.

When you are done the last step then you will be promoted to a new page you see it below. Here you have to input your Blog Title. It might be anything you like but should be related to the niche you like to write about (See no 01).

Now create a unique Address of your blog people will visit and must be available. Otherwise, it will not be accepted. So do not choose a long name of your blog address, it should be human readable, short, and professional (See no 02).

Remember, here you are going to create our blog with the sub-domain ( Later I will share you how to set up a Custom Domain with Blogger step by step.

Finally, choose any theme/templates for your blog. Click on “Create Blog” (See no 03).

If you do not like any template of them. No problem, just be patient

Later we will install a professional template. You can visit here to find out 10 more professional responsive and SEO friendly templates which can be used completely free.

how to create a blogger blog, blogging for beginners
Second Step For Creating a Blog

Now you have created your personal blog free. After it’s completed you will see exactly as same as the screenshot given below.

how to create a blogger blog, create a blog
Blogger Dashboard

You see some features within the red mark are called together as Dashboard. You can modify, customize your template and other settings.

Now one thing is left to complete – creating a post for your blog. So we are going to create a new blog post then publish it.

For creating a new blog post, Click on “New Post” then you will see a window. Follow the image below.

how to create a blogger blog, how to create a blog and make money
Demonstration for Creating New Blogger Post


It’s super easy creating a blogger blog. Now you have done creating a blog but plenty of deeds are left – Template Customization, Adding and Removing Widget, Creating Meta Tag, Title, and Description etc. I will discuss all these things in details later. 

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