Saturday, July 13, 2019

What Software Does a Graphic Designer Use and Why
If you are new to the graphic design and still in confused selecting the best programs for becoming a graphic designer. Then you have come to the right place. This post is only for you.

So today I will be sharing my own experience of which software you might use for the design scenario. As a graphic designer, I would recommend people to go with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign.

Moreover, if you want to extend your knowledge you can go for learning Adobe After Effects or Adobe Muse. But as a graphic designer, you will find a combination of the big three Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Each one of these programs has been designed for a particular design task and each has its particular tools depending on the complexity of your design task.

You may have to use a specific tool in a particular program or use a combination of programs and tools to develop your end result. So I am going to talk a little about Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator one by one.

Let’s jump into the main point

Recomended Software for becoming Graphic Designer

  1. Adobe InDesign
  2. Adobe Photoshop
  3. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is the most powerful desktop publishing program and has become the industry standard specializing in design for layout.

InDesign provides the ability to create and manage multi-page documents with ease. InDesign provides Powerful tools to work with grids and typography while offering maximum creative freedom to dynamic layouts for both print and digital media.

perfect for printing design

InDesign works by placing external links both raster and vector into the composition. These links are images or files otherwise prepared in Adobe Photoshop or illustrator. Compositions are exported out single portable documents which are distributed and can be viewed online or sent to be printed.

The type of work you'd expect through InDesign is Multipage Leaflets & Flyers, Posters, Books, Magazines, Print Banners, Brochures, Business card, Presentation for print or digital interactive PDFs, Typesetting and Bespoke Prints.

InDesign is one of the key programs. Any designer should have in their toolkit.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop specializes in working with raster images and creating raster graphics using layers and applying effects with filters. Put simply a raster image is an image with many little square pixels together these pixels build a picture which we see in Photoshop. If you are new to the subject of raster images

Adobe Photoshop was created specifically for image enhancement and the modification of pixels that make up an image. However, since Photoshop release it has been adding more and more tools that broadened the type of work you can do.

adobe photoshop for image editing software

In Photoshop you will be working with images creating initial layouts and generally creating assets to be used in other programs such as InDesign or Illustrator.

The type of work you would expect to do in Photoshop is Image Retouching, Modification, Enhancement, Digital Art, Image Effects, Web Design Layouts, Image Preparation, Web Banners, and Animated Gifs, Posters, Simple Print Layouts, Social Media Banner.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator offers specialized creative tools for creating and modifying vector graphics and working with color. In recent years illustrator has introduced tools that make it behave like a desktop publishing program though it has limitations when compared to InDesign.

Adobe Illustrator was designed to create and modify vector graphics which are very different from raster images. Raster is limited to the quality of their resolution and dpi instead of being made of square pixels vectors are made with anchor points which are joined with pals to form curves lines and points.

vector based printing software

Vectors shapes are mathematical expressions represented visually. This means that vectors can be scaled up to any size and will not lose any superficial quality once created a variety of color and stroke effects can be applied.

So, the type of work you would expect to do in Illustrator is logo design, iconography, design for t-shirts and clothing, creating a typeface, creating simple leaflets, flyers, business card and poster, presentation for print or digital info-graphics and blueprints and plans

Therefore, those three main programs any designer will need. Now I am of the opinion that none of these programs are better than the other. Each has been designed and developed with a specific task in mind. They are simply different tools in the toolbox that can be used to tackle a particular creative task

Monday, July 8, 2019

How to create your own Grunge Vector Texture with few simple steps
You must know the necessary of Vector Texture in design. It has an important role behind creating an artwork appealing and attractive. Creating stunning vector texture sometimes might be a difficult and annoying task if you don’t know how to start.

In this tutorial post, I will be guiding you from the beginning to the end in details step by step. Through this post, you don’t need to download vector textures from any website if you follow every step I have demonstrated.

All what you need is your Phone camera, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop. Find out around some pictures of similar grunge effect which really you are looking for and effective for project. Then take those pictures into your computer. Now you are ready for beginning the tutorial.

Note: But I have demonstrated here with the picture which I have downloaded from Freepik on purpose of the tutorial because I have no good type of Phone Camera. Hahaha. Click HERE to use the same picture for practicing.

Step One

Open the vector texture picture with Adobe Photoshop. Then click “Adjustment Layer” > "Threshold". Once you select the “Threshold” picture becomes black and white.

Now it’s time to adjust the level of grunge effect you want. See the reference image below. Your picture gets changed when you level-up to right and left. So, stop when you are satisfied.

Once you’re done then save the file in JPEG format. We will open this picture with Adobe Illustrator to create vector.

Step Two

Open your Adobe Illustrator and create a new document as usual you do. Now place your picture on the new document which we have saved JPEG format with Photoshop earlier.

Once you have done placing into Illustrator new document then go to Window > Image Trace.
After selecting “Image Trace” you will see image trace pallet appeared. See the reference image below.

Step Three

Now all you have to do the adjustment. Here I have shown the setting of adjustment in the reference image. I have selected “path” and “corner” all to way to 100% and changed “Noise” to the left.

Checkmark on “ignore white” which removes your all white part of your picture and picture becomes transparent.

Checkmark on the “preview” that shows you the actual preview of your picture.

When you are satisfied yourself then we have to expand it. For expanding go to the “Object” > "Expand" then click “Ok”.

Now you have finally done it successfully. Now save the file into the computer and use your own grange effect vector into your artwork.

I hope I might have helped you a bit from this tutorial. Now it becomes easier creating your own Grange Vector. After following every step of this tutorial you don’t have to download other vector textures from the internet.

If you face any problem while following the steps please comment or write me through the contact form.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Creative Fire Vector Effect - Free Download
Creative Fire Vector Effect

Well, with this Creative Fire Vector Effect you can create stunning fire flame effect in your artwork. You can use them in multiple ways such as Advertisement, Flyer, Restaurant menu, Billboard and so on

It's high resolution vector file can be editable and scalable

License: You can use Creative fire vector effects for personal or educational purposes.

Free Vector Textures Collection For Adobe Illustrator
Texture means the surface quality in your artwork that brings the visual interest or focal point in the composition. Texture can be various types such as smooth, silky, fuzzy, rough and so on.

So Texture in Graphic Design is so useful to create the old and weathered appearance. Here I have concluded some Vector Textures which are fully free for use. You can also download Abstract Vector Textures

Grungy Texture Vector

Grungy Texture Vector

Vector Texture Pack for Adobe Illustrator

Vector Texture Pack

Vector Grunge Texture Pack

Vector Grunge Texture Pack

Vector Grunge Texture Set

Vector Grunge Texture Set

Grunge Textures Collection

Grunge Textures Collection

6 Abstract Vector Textures - AI, EPS, PNG

Download the pack of 6 Abstract Painting Textures which are fully free for use. And it would be great swatches for your toolbox. These are a completely editable and scalable vector with high resolution.

You can use these Abstract Painting Textures in multiple ways such as business card, t-shirt design, inviting card, etc.

  • File Format: AI, EPS, PNG
  • Size: 111 MB
  • Author: Mcraft Shop
14 More Photoshop Patterns For Free Use
A Photoshop Pattern is an image that is covered repeatedly and seamlessly. The purpose of using a pattern is to increase your working speed. Not only it speeds up your working but also elongate your design look dynamic with nice elements.

There are many types of patterns which are free mostly but here I have gathered 14 more Photoshop patterns which are completely free for use.

Free Denim Seamless Patterns

Free Denim Seamless Patterns, photoshop patterns, free patterns

Paper Seamless Patterns

Free Paper Seamless Patterns, free photoshop patterns

Fabric Seamless Patterns

Fabric Seamless Patterns, photoshop patterns

Rusty Patterns Vol. 2

Rusty Patterns Vol. 2, free psd pattern

Free Leather Patterns

Free Leather Patterns, photoshop patterns

Photoshop Woods Patterns

Photoshop Woods Patterns, free patterns

Grungy Textures Patterns

Grungy Textures, psd patterns, free patterns

Graphy PSD Patterns

Graphy PSD Patterns, graphy patterns, psd patterns

3px Tile Patterns

3px Tile Patterns

Subtle Wood Panels

Subtle Wood Panels

Wood Pattern Background

Wood Pattern Background

12 Free Minimal Web Patterns

Free Minimal Web Patterns

Free Web Backgrounds Patterns

Free Web Backgrounds Patterns

Free Carbon Fiber Photoshop Patterns

Free Carbon Fiber Photoshop Patterns